Before booking, we kindly ask you to review our rules and guidelines for our Ecovilla and for your stay in our ecovillage. And of course, don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions that you may have.

Our community is located in a cloud forest right next door to Arvi Park. We and our neighbors enjoy our community for the peace and quiet that we honor, and the safe and clean surroundings that we conserve. We ask of all future guests to respect and to enjoy the nature of our special place. 

Once you’ve arrived, you’ll quickly notice the many serene walking and biking destinations, and we are happy to offer you advice on trails as well as local forest and wildfire guides to better appreciate our amazing Colombian biodiversity!



Our EcoVilla is a place for peace and wellness, located in a private community and within serene, natural surroundings.  It is not a place for heavy partying or illicit activities of any kind.  Neither will be welcome nor tolerated. 


Please keep our neighbors and our wildlife in mind.  Enjoy music at respectable volume levels and abide to our community’s quiet hours.

Quiet Hours: Our community holds mandatory quiet hours from 2200-0700.  Zero tolerance!



As a part of the EcoAldea, we ask you to kindly use water wisely. 

Please consider short-though enjoyable! – showers and reduce water output when waiting for water to heat. 

Hot water available on kitchen faucet and all bathroom faucets. Our home’s water is provided by EPM but is not recommended for raw human consumption.

19.5l Potable drinking water jugs available to be stocked pre-arrival upon request.  COP17,000.


Please keep jacuzzi covered when not in use to avoid from dirt and animals to enter.

Hot and cold water faucets located in the side compartment.

The button on the left turns on the jets and electrically heats and regulated water.  If the water it too cold, keep the jets on; if the water is too hot, turn off the jets. 

The button on the right turns on and off the jacuzzi lights. Please keep the jets fully submerged when in use. 

Please turn off jets and cover the jacuzzi when you’ve finished using it for the day/night.


Please limit fire to the dimension of the firepit. 

Highly flammable liquids such as kerosene and ethanol are permitted for fire-starting but should be used at one’s own caution.

Please take extreme caution of the cliffs or barrancos in between the villa and the firepit area.  Proceed with children and animals at own risk. 

Dry firewood and home delivery available from Juan at 311 720 1650


Our grill is a Texan smokehouse grill, meaning you can grill with either charcoal or smoke with dry wood in the side compartment. 

Please do not move the grill from where it is located.


It’s highly advisable to limit terrace entrance only for adults.  Proceed with children and animals at own risk.


Private uncovered parking for 3-4 vehicles.  Public curbside parking available for an additional 1-2 vehicles.

For your safety, please be aware of parking lot limits and provide at least 1m of distance between edges.


Although we do love pets, please keep all pets off of beds and furniture. 

Please be aware of the presence of both tame and friendly neighborhood dogs as well as semi-wild, potentially unsafe dogs that may enter the EcoAldea or even onto our property.  

Please keep an eye out for protentional adverse confrontations.

Please be aware of the presence of tame horses, owned by neighbors of the EcoAldea.


Being in a cloud forest, please come prepared for mosquitos and other bugs. 

We suggest you to keep windows, front and sliding doors closed, especially at dusk or at night, to prevent insects from entering the house.

It’s important to state that there have been sightings of snakes and scorpions on the property.  Although they are extremely rare and largely non-lethal, an incident can leave quite a sting and swell!  Please take note in checking damp spaces, dark corners, and especially all shoes and boots beforehand.